Link accounts or create a new account

When you create an account after linking your provider subscription, you might see an Account Found screen. This happens if you enter an email that's already in use.

Account Found

The Account Found screen has two options:

Verify Email Address (link accounts)

This option links the account that we found to your HBO Max subscription through your TV or mobile provider. After choosing this option, check your inbox for an email from HBO Max with a one-time code (the subject line is 'Here's Your One-Time Code'). Then, enter the code from the email and choose Link Accounts. If you don't get an email from HBO Max, see Didn't get one-time code.

After you link your accounts, you'll be billed for HBO Max through your TV, internet, or mobile provider account. If your existing account had an active subscription that is...

  • Billed through us (HBO Nordic AB) - we will cancel the subscription for you.
  • Billed through another provider - we can't cancel the subscription for you. You'll need to manage your subscription to avoid being charged twice.

If you link to an HBO Max account you'll keep your existing profiles which includes settings such as My List, parental controls, and Continue Watching. Your profile settings are not saved if you link to an HBO Nordic AB or HBO España account.

Create New Account (don't link accounts)

This option creates a new HBO Max account (we won't link to the existing account we found). Instead, you'll be prompted to enter a different email address. Your new HBO Max account won't have your previous account settings - such as My List, parental controls, and Continue Watching.