How does autoplay work?

The next episode in a series automatically plays when you're done watching an episode, allowing you to easily binge watch a series.

When the credits begin, Next Episode appears in the lower right with a 10-second countdown. To start watching right away, choose Next Episode or wait 10 seconds and the episode will automatically play.

If you want to watch the end credits, you can dismiss the Next Episode countdown. Here’s how:

  • Apple TV: Press the Menu button on your Apple TV remote.
  • Other TV devices: Press the back button on your remote.
  • Phones, tablets, and computers: Choose the X beside the Next Episode button.

If you dismiss the countdown, the next episode won’t play until the episode is completely done (including scenes from the next episode).

Turn off autoplay

Here's how to turn off autoplay:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Phone or tablet: Tap your profile (upper right), the Settings icon (cog, upper right), and then tap or scroll to Playback.
    • Computer: Choose your profile (upper right), then Settings, and then scroll down to Playback.
    • TV device: Choose the Settings icon (cog, lower left), then scroll right to Experience (or Playback).
  2. Here you can turn autoplay on or off.