HBO Max free trial Q&A

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Who qualifies for a free trial?

You're eligible for a free trial if you haven't previously subscribed to HBO Max. If you subscribed to HBO NOW in the past, you may qualify for an HBO Max free trial. Eligibility criteria is mentioned when you sign up.

How long is the trial?

Most HBO Max providers offer new subscribers a free trial, which is typically 7 days. Check with your subscription provider for information about the duration of your free trial.

What can I stream?

During your free trial, you can stream anything on HBO Max. If you enjoy HBO Max, do nothing and your subscription will auto-renew each month. You can cancel any time.

When and how much will I be charged?

When you start your free trial, you need to have a payment method on file so that your subscription can continue after your trial ends. If you start your subscription at, your first monthly charge will be the day before your free trial is over (this varies depending on your billing provider). If you see a pending charge before this time, it's likely an authorization hold.

Going forward, you'll be charged each month by your billing provider until you cancel your subscription. You pay for your subscription in advance of the covered month; which means your subscription charge pays for the next 30 days. To avoid being charged for the next month, you need to cancel 1-2 days before your next billing cycle starts.

Have questions? Please see our Billing Q&A.

How do I cancel my trial?

To avoid being charged for your first month of HBO Max, cancel your subscription the day before your free trial ends. If you cancel early, you can continue streaming until your trial ends.

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