Keep kids from switching profiles

You can create a Kid profile for each of your children and set different parental controls for each child. This way your kids are watching shows and movies that you deem appropriate (see How to set parental controls).

By default, your child can't switch from their profile to another profile without entering the PIN that you set up. If your child tries to edit their profile or switch to another profile, they will be asked for the PIN.

You can change your PIN at any time by going to Settings > Parental Controls. See Change your PIN.

Who is Watching?
If the last profile used on your TV or computer was an Adult profile, you'll see the 'Who is Watching' screen when you open HBO Max. If the last profile was a Kids profile, you'll see the Kids Home screen (instead of 'Who is Watching'). Learn more

Don't require PIN to switch profiles

For older kids you can turn off the PIN prompt when switching profiles. Here's how:

  1. Choose the Profile icon.
  2. Choose Switch Profiles. Kid profiles have a lock icon.
  3. Choose Manage Profiles (bottom of the 'Who is Watching' screen).
  4. Choose your child's profile.
  5. Choose Edit Age and Parental Controls (you may need to scroll to see this option on your phone).
  6. Enter your PIN and choose Enter.
  7. Clear the Require PIN to switch profiles check box and choose Save.