All about Kid profiles

There are two types of HBO Max profiles: Adult and Kid. Your account can have up to 5 profiles.

You can create a Kid profile for each of your kids with parental controls that limit what content can be watched.

Kids Home screen

When a Kid profile is selected, you'll see the Kids Home screen experience with shows and movies based on your child's age (the profile's birthdate). The Home page also includes a Continue Watching and My List row.

The Home page for Kid profiles are personalized based on your child's age. There are 4 different Home page experiences:

  • Little kids: Ages 2-5
  • Big kids: Ages 6-9
  • Tweens: Ages 10-12
  • Teens: Ages 13-17

When a Kid profile is active...

  • You'll see the Kids Home screen experience and the Browse menu will include content for kids. Shows and movies that can't be watched (as specified by the profile's parental controls) will appear with a Lock icon and can't be played.
  • Search results will only include shows and movies that the profile is allowed to watch (according to the profile's parental controls).
  • Some settings aren't available. Kid profiles don't have access to account management features, for example: Account (which includes email and password), Billing Information, Manage Devices, Parental Controls, and Notifications.
  • You can download shows and movies on a phone or tablet, but only the content authorized by the profile's parental controls.

Switching profiles

Here's how to switch to a Kid profile:

  1. Choose the Profile icon.
  2. Choose Switch Profiles.
  3. Choose a profile with a lock icon. All Kid profiles have a lock icon.
Lock icon
A closed lock icon means that your child can't switch to another profile (a PIN is needed), while an open lock means your child can switch to another profile. To learn more, see Keep kids from switching profiles.

Which profile is active when I open HBO Max?

The default profile varies by device:

  • TV or computer: If the last profile used was a Kids profile, then HBO Max will open with this profile. If the last profile used was an Adult profile, you'll see the 'Who is Watching' screen when you open HBO Max.
  • Phone or tablet: HBO Max will open with the last profile used (you won't see the 'Who is Watching' screen).