HBO Max Mini on Snapchat

HBO Max Mini is a new Snap Mini experience on Snapchat that lets you and your friends watch free pilot episodes of select HBO Max original programs together in real time while chatting and using Bitmoji reactions.

You can pick from a list of select free HBO Max pilot episodes to sample the most popular series from our epic library of hits — no subscription required.

How to start a party

  1. In Snapchat, tap the search icon and search for HBO Max, then tap HBO Max Watch Party.
  2. The first time you use HBO Max Mini, tap Get Started and then enter your birthdate.
    Note  After you enter your birthdate, you'll see a curated collection of episodes with maturity ratings based on your age.
  3. Scroll through the HBO Max content and tap on a show to watch.
  4. Tap Play > Get Started to watch on your own, or tap the camera or arrow icons to invite your friends to watch with you. The camera icon lets you send a selfie and a thumbnail of the show to your friends.

How to join a party

You can find invitations to watch with your friends in chat. Open the invitation, then tap Open in Watch Party to join your friends. If you want to get a notification when you get a party invitation, turn on Snapchat notifications.

Things to know
  • If you're already in a Mini experience, you won't see a notification that you've been invited to a party. Tap the chat icon to check for invites.
  • The content curated in the HBO Max Mini will vary depending on the viewer’s age. Snapchatters can only access parties that are watching episodes with age-appropriate ratings.

What you can do in a party

You can choose to watch in portrait or landscape mode, add bitmoji reactions, chat, and control playback for everyone. Everyone in the party can control playback options when watching together. If you use mute or screen rotation, that won't change anyone else's watching experience.

Snap Mini help

You can get help or report an issue right from HBO Max Mini. From the HBO Max Mini home screen, scroll to the bottom and tap I Spotted a Bug, I Have a Suggestion, or Support.

For help with the Snap Mini experience, go to Snapchat support.