HBO Max Recommends Q&A

HBO Max Recommends is a voice-enabled experience for Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant that solves the age-old debate of what to watch. HBO Max Recommends helps you find something to watch instead of scrolling through content (you can specify the genre and content type or try our general list), plus check out the curated lists available in celebration of new premieres and other events. HBO Max Recommends doesn’t link to your HBO Max account just yet.

How do I get started?

What you need

  • An Alexa-enabled device (Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, or other Alexa-enabled device)
  • A Google Assistant device (e.g. Android TV, phone, tablet, or Google Home)

To get started, you need to enable the HBO Max Recommends skill.

Set up an Alexa-enabled device

Do one of the following:

  • Click here and then choose Launch and then Save Permissions.
  • Open the Alexa app, tap Browse Skills, and then search for HBO Max Recommends. Tap HBO Max Recommends then tap Launch and then Save Permissions. To learn more about Alexa skills, see the Alexa Skills Getting Started Guide.

Then, say “Alexa, open HBO Max Recommends” to get started.

Set up a Google Assistant device

Do one of the following:

  • Open the Google Assistant app, tap the microphone and say or type, 'Talk to HBO Max Recommends.'
  • Say 'Hey Google, talk to HBO Max Recommends'.

First, you’ll be asked if you want to filter by genre. If you're interested in comedy shows you can say 'comedy series,' or for action movies you can say 'action movies.' For more genres, see How do I specify genre or content type?

Then, you'll get a recommendation from the HBO Max library and you'll be asked if you want to watch it. Say 'yes' to add the title to your list of picks or 'no' to not add the title. If you say ‘more,’ you’ll hear a little more about the title.

When you're done creating your list of picks, you can have your list sent to your phone via a text/sms message (see the next section).

How do I get recommendations?

When you're done creating your list of picks, HBO Max Recommends will offer to text you your list. Say “yes” and provide your phone number to have your list texted to you (mobile message & data rates may apply).

After you say your phone number, you'll get a text message with your list of picks and links to stream your picks on HBO Max.

Your phone number will not be used for any other purpose.

How do I specify a genre or content type?

You can get a list of must-watch recommendations, or filter your list by genre and/or type.


For the content type, you can ask for:

  • Series
  • Movies
  • Specials


For genre, you can ask for:

  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Adventure
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Suspense
  • Historical
  • Biography
  • Stand-up
  • Kids & Family
  • Young Adult/Teen
  • Animation
  • Documentary
  • Reality
  • Competition
  • News/Talk
  • Music

Can I use HBO Max Recommends with my kids?

Yes, you can ask HBO Max Recommends to filter your recommendations by “Kids & Family.” You can also narrow your search by asking for things like “Kids Animation” or “Family comedy.”

The recommendations you’ll hear from the Kids & Family genre are family-friendly. However, we suggest learning about your picks and the content rating before streaming with your kids.

HBO Max Recommends doesn’t link to your HBO Max account just yet. You can choose to have your picks texted to you, along with links so you can quickly start streaming or add an item to My List.

How do I start or stop getting recommendations via text?

If you say your phone number when HBO Max Recommends asks for it, you'll receive a text message with your list of picks and links to stream your picks on HBO Max.

To stop getting texts:

  • On an Alexa-enabled device, say “Alexa, open HBO Max Recommends” and then say “unsubscribe” to stop receiving texts with your picks.
  • On an Android phone or tablet, open the Google app, then choose More > Settings > Notifications > Notifications you opted into and then find HBO Max Recommends and tap the X.
  • You can also reply to a text from HBO Max Recommends with Stop, Unsubscribe, or Cancel.

How will I know when new titles are added?

You can enable notifications while using HBO Max Recommends, and we’ll be sure to update you when new movies and series are ready to browse!

What should I do if I don't get a text with my picks?

If you don’t receive a text message with your HBO Max Recommends picks, do the following:

Alexa-enabled device

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app, and find the HBO Max Recommends skill.
  2. Choose Settings and then Manage account permissions.
  3. Make sure Contact permissions is selected.

Google Assistant

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.”
  2. Under All Settings, choose Personalization.
  3. Make sure Personal results are turned on.