Link accounts: Didn't get one-time code

Changing Account Info?
If you're trying to change your account name, email, or password, see Change your email or password.

When you sign in with a provider for the first time, you might see an Account Found screen.

If you choose Verify Email Address on the Account Found screen, we'll send you a one-time code to your account email address. The subject line of this email is Here's Your One-Time Code and it should arrive a few minutes after you choose Verify Email Address.

If you don't get this email, do the following:

  • Search all of your inbox folders for an email from HBO¬†Max (including your Promotions and Spam folder).
  • Choose the Resend One-Time Code button on the Enter Code screen and check your email again.
  • Check the email address that appears at the top of the Enter Code screen.