Skip content at the start of shows or movies

When you start watching something on HBO Max, you may see a Skip or Skip Intro button in the lower-right corner of your screen. This button lets you skip content that plays before your show or movie.

There are two skip buttons:

  • Skip Intro: Skips ahead to the last second of the introduction.
  • Skip: Skips ahead to the last second of the promotional trailer or episode recap.

This way you can skip a series intro, a promotional trailer, or an episode recap and get right to watching.

Some shows and movies don't have a Skip Intro button. Why is this?

The Skip Intro feature isn't available for all shows and movies just yet. Over time, we'll be adding the Skip Intro feature to more and more content.

How do I get the Skip Intro button back?

The Skip Intro button disappears in 5-7 seconds. To bring back the button, tap or click the screen on your device.

The Skip button took me to the wrong spot

If Skip takes you to the wrong spot (not just before the start of a show or movie), please let us know using our Feedback form.

Chromecast: Missing Skip/Skip Intro button

If the Skip or Skip Intro button isn't available on your phone or tablet when casting, update the HBO Max app on your phone or tablet.