How do I sign out?

Here's how to sign out of HBO Max:

  • Phone or Tablet: Tap your profile (upper right), the Settings icon (cog, upper right), and then Sign Out.
  • Computer: Choose your profile (upper right) and then Sign Out.
  • TV device: Choose the Settings icon Settings icon (lower left), scroll right to Sign Out, and then choose Sign Out.

Sign out of other devices

You can remotely sign out of another device from your phone, tablet, or computer. Here's how:

  1. Open the HBO Max mobile app or go to
  2. Choose your profile (upper right).
  3. Choose the Settings icon (cog, upper right) on your phone, or Settings on a computer.
  4. Tap or scroll to Devices and then choose Manage Devices (if available).
    Only Adult profiles can manage devices.
  5. Here you'll find a list of devices that have used your account.
  6. To sign out of:
    • One device: Choose X (beside the device).
    • All devices: Choose Sign All Devices Out.

Note  Signing out of all devices can take up to 4 hours. If someone in your household is streaming something, they won't be signed out of HBO Max until the end of their show or movie.

You should sign out of devices that you no longer own. If you think someone might have access to your HBO Max account without your permission, go to Stop unwanted use of your account.