Link accounts: Didn't get one-time code

Changing Account Info?
If you're trying to change your account name, email, or password, see Change your email or password.

When you create an account after Linking your provider subscription, you might see an Account Found screen.

If you choose Verify Email Address on the Account Found screen, we'll send you a one-time code to your account email address. The subject line of this email is Here's Your One-Time Code and it should arrive a few minutes after you choose Verify Email Address.

If you don't get this email, do the following:

  • Search all of your inbox folders for an email from HBO Max (including your Promotions and Spam folder).
  • Choose the Resend One-Time Code button on the Enter Code screen and check your email again.
  • Check the email address that appears at the top of the Enter Code screen.