'Email already in use' message

This message means there's already an HBO Max acount (or HBO Nordic or HBO España account) with the email address you entered. Each account must have a unique email address.

Promo Code
If you're trying to redeem a promo code, see Redeem a promo code.

What to do

If you get this message when creating an account, you have two options:

  • Sign in instead. Sign in using the email address you entered on the 'Create Your Account' screen. To do this, choose the sign in link in the error message, or go back and choose Sign In. If you can't sign in, try resetting your password. Please note that your HBO Nordic or HBO España settings will not be available in HBO Max.
  • Enter another email address. If you enter a different email address on the 'Create Your Account' screen, we'll create a new account for you, however, it won't have your previous settings such as My List and Continue Watching.

If you get this message when trying to change your email, you need to enter another email address (there's already an account with the email address you entered).