Missing episode on HBO Max

If a series episode isn't available on HBO Max, try the following steps:

Step 1: Browse the episodes

In HBO Max, do the following:

  1. Choose the Search icon (magnifying-glass) and type the series name (e.g. Game of Thrones).
  2. Select the series.
  3. Choose a Season number and scroll down to browse the episodes.

Step 2: Live show or event?

New episodes for the following shows aren't available when they air on TV. Instead, they're added to HBO Max as quickly as possible, typically within 24 hours. Below are estimated times when new episodes will be available on HBO Max. Actual times will vary.

  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mondays, 2am ET
  • Hard Knocks in Season: The Arizona Cardinals: Wednesdays, 10pm ET
  • Real Time with Bill Maher: Saturdays, 7am ET

Only the last year's worth of episodes are available for these shows.

Step 3: Update HBO Max

To get the latest version of HBO Max, open the app store on your device and search for HBO Max. If there's an app update available, download the update. For more help, find Update your software on the Troubleshoot TV or Troubleshoot phone or tablet page.

Step 4: Try another device

Check if the episode is available on another device. To do this, open HBO Max on another device, search for the series name, and browse the available episodes.

Step 5: Let us know

If you still can't find the episode you're looking for, please let us know. Go to our Feedback page and choose Programming feedback as the topic.