How do I change the language?

The text you see in the HBO Max app is in English, however, you can change the audio or subtitle language for some shows and movies.

Change the audio or subtitle language

Some shows and movies have multiple audio and subtitle languages available. Here's how to change the audio track or subtitle language:

  1. Start watching something on HBO Max.
  2. Choose the Audio and Subtitles icon (speech bubble) in the video player.
  3. Choose a language for Audio and/or Subtitles.
    To learn more, see Subtitles, captions, and audio tracks.

By default, shows and movies in languages other than English play with the original audio track and English subtitles.

Some shows or movies have language options (e.g. Spanish/English/Japanese) on their description page. Before choosing Play, toggle the language to your preferred language.

Find titles in other languages

You can browse HBO Max to find shows and movies in other languages. Here's how:

  1. Open HBO Max.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Phone, tablet or computer:  Choose the Menu icon (3 horizontal lines), and then choose Genres.
    • TV device:  Choose the Browse icon (3 horizontal lines).
  3. Choose Latino (Spanish/Portuguese) or International.

International HBO series and movies play with the original audio and English subtitles when available (no audio dubbing).

App display language

Right now the text you see in the HBO Max app is in English. More languages may be available in the future.

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