My provider isn't listed

If your provider isn't on the Choose Your Provider screen, it may be because...

  • You need to sign in with your HBO Max account (instead of with a provider).
  • You may need to scroll down and choose View All Providers (on your phone or tablet).
  • Your provider may not support HBO Max at this time.

Your provider is who you subscribed through and who bills you for HBO Max. See HBO Max providers.

How do you get HBO Max?

Choose how you subscribed:

HBO Max app or

On the sign-in screen, enter your HBO Max email and password and then choose Sign In (instead of Sign in with a Provider). If you need help signing in, see Can't sign in to account.

Other provider

The first time you sign in to HBO Max, choose Sign in with a Provider and then choose who you subscribe through (your TV, internet, or wireless provider). Once you have an HBO Max account, you'll sign in with your HBO Max email and password.

For a list of providers, go to the Choose Your Provider page. If your provider is not listed, they may not support HBO Max at this time. See HBO Max providers.