Why am I seeing multiple charges each month?

If you're seeing multiple charges each month, you might have multiple accounts (each with an active subscription).

To find multiple accounts...

To see if you have more than one account, open HBO Max on each device that you use and do the following:

  • Phone or tablet: Open the HBO Max app, tap the Profile icon, and then the Settings icon (upper-left). Tap Account and take note of your account email address. 
  • Computer: Go to HBOMax.com on your computer. In the upper-right corner, choose your Profile icon and then choose Account. Here you can see your account email address.
  • TV: Open the HBO Max app, choose the Profile icon (upper-left), and then scroll over to Sign Out. Here you can see your account email address or which provider you're signed in through.

If you find more than one email address, then you have multiple HBO Max accounts. To fix this, for each account go to Billing Information to find who's billing you.

Once you know who's billing you, you can decide which subscription you want to cancel (see How do I cancel?).

Don't find more than one account?

If you're signed in with the same account on all devices and you're seeing multiple charges each month, call us at 855 942-6669. When you call, be sure to have the following info handy:

  • Your HBO Max email address
  • Your ZIP Code
  • Info about charges on your credit or debit card